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Boho/Indie Photoshoot

Well I wasn’t sure what to call this shoot, since I was going for something Frankie-esque and I  like bohemian-inspired looks. This first-time shoot was planned so I could learn how to use lights from Nic — it’s a pity we didn’t have a lot of time, otherwise I’d have opted for another hour in the rented studio. Also my first time trying out Photoshop which explains the strange inconsistencies in colour.

Thanks to:
D&D for being beautiful,
Mel for styling brilliance,
Ms Dino & Yosh for awesomeness,
Mabes for being fierce,
Nic for being lightmaster extraordinaire,
and everyone for making two hours fun enough for forty-eight.


Hari Raya Cook Out!

Organised a cookout with the special people over the Hari Raya long weekend. Managed to get the house in habitable living conditions with help from the girl the night before and on Monday afternoon it was grocery shopping with the strange couple Darrell & Denise, as well as Hanyang and Shaw Ming!

We also celebrated Joseph’s birthday and a good time was had by all; didn’t have time to take photos of everything and most of the awesome ones in the evening were taken by Darrell. Missing here is the baked salmon on lemon and garlic (seasoned with shoyu or olive oil), the garlic butter on toasted focaccia and the potatoes au gratin!

Thank you everyone for blessing me by coming. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

IMG_0577Darrell slicing onions for the French onion soup while Denise chops up some focaccia

IMG_0580Managed not to slice his finger off

IMG_0581Jieyun peeling the onions

IMG_0582Yuyan taking over onion slicing duties

HY peeling potatoes and Shaw Ming mincing garlic

D&D preparing pasta

Mabel arriving with donuts

Sliced potatoes for the au gratin dish

Shaw Ming butchering the poor garlic

Yosh & Cheryl with the best seats in the house

Denise’s awesome pasta

Sautéed portobello & fresh button mushrooms with onions

D&D, The Selby style

Darrell grilling sausages

Old English sausages (love this grill pan!)

Caramelised onions (this is after 3 hours) for French onion soup

Sausages over sautéed mushrooms & onions

Salmon sashimi & avocado salad

Yuyan & Yosh

Yukie with tangible thought bubble




Yukie on my mom’s trampoline

The big kid joins in


HY & Shaw Ming use the force on Joseph

He thought the cake was for someone else

He was indeed surprised

Making a wish

For the memories

Cutting cake time!

Life-changing cake from Awfully Chocolate

Cheryl impersonating Joni Mitchell

Just love the composition of this shot

Strange people in my room

But lovely for helping out with all the cleaning up after!

Long Weekends Forever

Mondays make the best public holidays, and times like these, however ordinary and not unlike the thousands of people who do the same thing, are infinitely precious. So I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Vivo + PageOne + UP + Marina Barrage. But I say it’s the people that make all the difference.

IMG_9451The girl + the little one + a new geek

IMG_9456lovely ladies

IMG_9462made me break off the lens of her daiso frames

IMG_9469superheadz cameras on sale

IMG_9464poster girl for a teen movie: the lil’ one is growing up

IMG_9499cheryl is lovin’ the geek glasses

IMG_9531the new Breakfast Club

IMG_9533the look they were going for was ‘angsty’

IMG_9503denise’s turn at the geek glasses

IMG_9553jieyun + mabel

IMG_9558ms miyazaki

IMG_9593don’t ask me why

IMG_9594weird couple

IMG_9491precious people!

Pixel Hearts

You can’t see them, not until the sundown. Not until you stop looking for them. And then you need to space out. Relax. Breathe. Lose the focus, release that tightness in the brain, forget the sweltering heat and then.. blink. Pay attention to the rise and fall of your chest. Watch. Listen.

Then see.

And they appear in sight just like that, like bloody magic. Then it strikes you, how easy it is to doubt and not believe.

But it’s still there, always has been, lying there in the periphery of your vision all this time, just that you didn’t notice because you were always too concerned about one thing or another that you just frickin’ missed it completely.

It’s true. They’re imperfect. Skewed off-centre, with sharp edges where they should have been soft. Defiant still, if a little overeager to be seen. Not sure what to say because they really can’t, not when the words get all jumbled up in that head of yours.

You can keep on looking away, but they’ll still be there. In the background, lurking with the distant lights. In the faded wallpaper.


Softly silent.

And loving, in the quiet.

Stop & Stare

This is what it looks like when I hold the Hasselblad to take a photo – but just take away the slyph-like slender frame, the angular cheekbones, the indie-looking dress, the long flowing brown locks, legs that go on forever and the long graceful fingers, and you can probably imagine seeing me. Yes, not very pretty, or so I’m told.

I’m wondering whether I’ll need a viewfinder with a light meter, but seeing how a simple lens hood costs $95, I think I’ll just stick to using my Nikon’s TTL one. Which means a bit of extra bulk but I think the extra few hundred bucks would be better spent on buying film.

After reading some of Rob’s music reviews and looking at some awesome album covers, I’ve been thinking about doing a series of ‘fake’ album covers complete with track listing and an accompanying blurb or review. So the album cover (typically a photograph, since I’m useless at art or graphic design) should evoke whatever the ‘fake’ music does or vice versa.

Time to stop thinking and start doing..

Dreams On A String

Undeserved favour is people saying they like your photographs of them when you don’t think they’re any good at all.

Today I finally uploaded the rest of the photos from that shoot with Sean & Nikki. I’m still pissed off at the utter failure of my expired film, but I will have my revenge. I’ve thinking about obtaining lots of 35mm film for use in (as opposed to for) a shoot, like strewn all over the set, the subject, maybe even a long strip of it snaking around the model’s body and eyes.. muted colours except for the model’s clothes which provide a striking contrast to everything else.. or something along those lines. I obviously can’t use my developed film for that, since it’s all cut up into bits of strips for my scanner.

Well, seems like I have my answer, and a good forty, fifty rolls at that. And to think I even commisioned my bro’s old fridge out of retirement to store all that dratted film in. Well, I also needed some space to store all the chocolate I’ve been hoarding as well, come to think of it.

Would it be a terrible cliche to put up photos fastened with pegs on a string? Now I just need a gift of the financial sort to develop prints from my negatives..

Tomorrow I collect the Hasselblad back from the workshop, thus beginning a new foray into medium format photography and huge drains on the bank account.. but if you look at the mindblowing clarity of some of the 6X6 formats using that Zeiss glass, can you really blame me?

Sometimes I feel I should really be less concerned with the technical aspects and focus a great deal more on the artistic expression of the craft, but I know I won’t be satisfied if I can’t control both sides of the coin and flip it any way I please.

Nonetheless, I am reminded that is imperative to always walk in wisdom, for ‘her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace’ (Prov 3:17). Selah.

A Little Bit of Heaven

And I miss Sydney.

The morning chill creeping into every pore, with steaming mug of coffee held gingerly with both hands; the glint of gold caught in our hair and sunlight warm on our faces; the fiercely cold evenings, walking under brilliant starlit skies and catching the moon in a puddle; being seated alone in the balcony, watching the drifting clouds and speaking with You, each word whispered under my breath; all these things I miss, and more.

Now I’m reliving those moments as I begin scanning from my piles of negatives, coming alive in grainy, overexposed glory. I’m not my usual nitpicky/perfectionist self (this particular quirk only surfaces when it comes to photography or writing), merely smiling as each scan plods its way from the tangible into the intangible. It’s like magic appearing across my screen.

Beauty, however flawed, still captivates and fascinates. Life as we know on this earth will never be perfect, but it’s really just a question of perspective. Yes, we may deal with an assortment of death, loss, pain, heartache, heartbreak, yearning, fear, disappointment, melancholy or inadequacy on a daily basis. There is no belittling that, but even so there is so much more of God’s abundant life to be experienced in greater measure.

Maybe the litany of bad things I mentioned aren’t so much problems as they are distractions; our multitude of issues always seem to loom larger and more ominous when we begin wondering how in heck it’s all going to go away. But this is the thing: big problems, bigger God. So it really boils down not to self-delusion, but perspective.

What do you see?

Whenever I look through the lens of a camera, it’s not buildings, landscapes, flowers or bugs that gets me all tingly. It’s people. It’s as if I can finally get why man is considered the crown of God’s creation (though I’m sure we meet many examples who disprove that statement), and then I realise the only way for me to describe what I’m seeing is simply to hit the shutter release button. Framing, composition, aperture, shutter speed, angles – they’re all really the furthest things from my mind when I’m taking a photo. All I can think is, “I’ve got to take this shot”.

Everything really does point back to Jesus. Each time I take a photo of you or you, I see that little bit of heaven shining from within. And you are all beautiful.