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Boho/Indie Photoshoot

Well I wasn’t sure what to call this shoot, since I was going for something Frankie-esque and I  like bohemian-inspired looks. This first-time shoot was planned so I could learn how to use lights from Nic — it’s a pity we didn’t have a lot of time, otherwise I’d have opted for another hour in the rented studio. Also my first time trying out Photoshop which explains the strange inconsistencies in colour.

Thanks to:
D&D for being beautiful,
Mel for styling brilliance,
Ms Dino & Yosh for awesomeness,
Mabes for being fierce,
Nic for being lightmaster extraordinaire,
and everyone for making two hours fun enough for forty-eight.


You Are The Answer


I believe you are the answer
To every tear I’ve cried
I believe that you are with me
My rising and my light

Give me strength when I am weary
Give me hope when I can’t see
Through the crosses I must carry
Lord, bind my heart to thee

That when all my days are over
and all my chores are done
I may see your risen Glory
Forever where You are

Corrinne May, ‘The Answer‘ (melody adapted from Gustav Holst’s Planets Suite “Jupiter”)

Not much to say — except that I’m loving this song.

Hari Raya Cook Out!

Organised a cookout with the special people over the Hari Raya long weekend. Managed to get the house in habitable living conditions with help from the girl the night before and on Monday afternoon it was grocery shopping with the strange couple Darrell & Denise, as well as Hanyang and Shaw Ming!

We also celebrated Joseph’s birthday and a good time was had by all; didn’t have time to take photos of everything and most of the awesome ones in the evening were taken by Darrell. Missing here is the baked salmon on lemon and garlic (seasoned with shoyu or olive oil), the garlic butter on toasted focaccia and the potatoes au gratin!

Thank you everyone for blessing me by coming. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

IMG_0577Darrell slicing onions for the French onion soup while Denise chops up some focaccia

IMG_0580Managed not to slice his finger off

IMG_0581Jieyun peeling the onions

IMG_0582Yuyan taking over onion slicing duties

HY peeling potatoes and Shaw Ming mincing garlic

D&D preparing pasta

Mabel arriving with donuts

Sliced potatoes for the au gratin dish

Shaw Ming butchering the poor garlic

Yosh & Cheryl with the best seats in the house

Denise’s awesome pasta

Sautéed portobello & fresh button mushrooms with onions

D&D, The Selby style

Darrell grilling sausages

Old English sausages (love this grill pan!)

Caramelised onions (this is after 3 hours) for French onion soup

Sausages over sautéed mushrooms & onions

Salmon sashimi & avocado salad

Yuyan & Yosh

Yukie with tangible thought bubble




Yukie on my mom’s trampoline

The big kid joins in


HY & Shaw Ming use the force on Joseph

He thought the cake was for someone else

He was indeed surprised

Making a wish

For the memories

Cutting cake time!

Life-changing cake from Awfully Chocolate

Cheryl impersonating Joni Mitchell

Just love the composition of this shot

Strange people in my room

But lovely for helping out with all the cleaning up after!

It Had To Happen


Well, there it is, then: my two-year run as a Flickr pro account user, winding to an end. The onerous passage of time that not even the best of us can avoid — seconds and minutes and glorious moments and swift years — and now I have come to the end of my tether.

I have this icon of a hobo carrying a placard that says, “NINJAS KIDNAPPED MY FAMILY NEED $$ FOR KARATE LESSONS”; maybe I should make one that says “PLEASE GIVE ME MONEY NEED USD$47.99 FOR TWO YEAR FLICKR PRO ACCOUNT ON INTERNETS” and stand somewhere in the CBD area during lunchtime.

It’d be an interesting social experiment I’m sure, but darn you T.T Durai!

Clearcut Intentions


It’s been awhile since I messed around with my hairstyle. Years, in fact. So I blame the girl entirely for my new ‘do – some kind of faux mohawk with close-shaved sides running to the back so the hair tapers off into a tail of sorts. It’s kinda hard to describe, and I never really was handy with the use of hairstyle terms and descriptions. Free favour also led to the director of the salon cutting my hair, who was using his Jedi mind trick on me all night so I ended up paying for a colouring job as well (!). And exorbitantly priced hair product. Gah. Never underestimate a good hardsell.

So. I have a new hairstyle and havana brown (don’t even ask me what that means) coloured hair. And I’m secretly hoping I’ll see honest looks of appraisal/approval instead of raised eyebrows and badly stifled giggles. (So far, it’s been a subtle inching away as I fix a glare on passersby)

The process of me getting a haircut is painful to watch. It’s the journey to the final product really, that makes me want to turn invisible. First its the unruly mass of hair that’s grown too long, which then morphs into a bird-nest as my sides are shaven, with strands of hair sticking all over the place.

Unstyled, I look like a ghetto hoodlum from Thailand with too much sun and not enough facial product. When the hair colouring is applied, stinging my scalp to altogether uncomfortable levels, and with my hair all slicked back, I look like i) a very round egg with eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows and ears pasted on it for good measure, in an honest attempt to pass of as human; ii) a bad imitation of a 1920s triad boss from Shanghai, or a snarky young turk trying to get noticed by the boss in the shadier parts of Koreatown in San Francisco; iii) or, as the girl’s cousin puts it, “a calefare gangster from a TCS8 drama serial”.

Not very encouraging, as you can tell.

It does look better when styled, however, and makes me look several times more menacing given my size and naturally impassive, sullen features. I’m not sure what to make of it. The girl’s first reaction upon seeing my hair, after her own red-streaks colouring job and hair trimming: “OH MY GOD YOU LOOK EVEN MORE LIKE A THUG NOW!” before breaking out into peals of laughter. Mom’s reaction, with features shifting between horrified shock and amusement, as I return home later: “What did you do to your hair??!” Younger brother’s: “Huh. Why.”


On another note, Taken is the perfect guilty pleasure film for all INFJs.

Don’t You See?

Punisher: War Zone failed to live up to expectations, while Garth Ennis has left the series. It has not been good.

These movie-making execs have to come to realise that Frank is not a manic gun-toting action hero in the vein of Neo or Chow Yun Fatt; think Jason Bourne’s physical economy but with experience honed in the horrors of Valley Forge and the vicious jungles of Vietnam.

It’d probably take a miracle to ever see Frank on the silver screen again. We need  a rabid fan like Zack Snyder who can give the film adaptation the reverential treatment it deserves, or Christopher Nolan who can portray Frank’s twisted morality and personal darkness with the necessary gravitas. Sadly, both are probably tied up by DC/Vertigo.

David Fincher, please?

“The thought of Dino Gnucci living one more minute is enough to drive me insane. Don’t you see?”

The dialogue’s already written itself.



Well this is what we do to fill up the lulls at work. Or get distracted by. Heh. I’ve been having fun with the handwriting function in the new MSN Messenger!

Yes, Roy actually does look like that.