The Single Word

There is a word in the Old Testament that is very dear to me. If anything, it is that single word that makes being a writer of any sense at all to me. Not even my heroes, Murakami or Ennis, or any other literary greats who have moved me in ways too deeply to expound now, like Kundera, Cunningham, Gaiman, and countless more, could persuade me to ever style myself a writer.

One word.

It is that one word that becomes my anchor. A silver hook that tethers my entire being to where I am now, writing this, stealing words as quickly as they come to me. One word pegs down my soul and holds captive my dreams.

One word.

It  is almost ridiculous to suggest the inherent power of a single word. But there it is. Words are powerful. Words give shape to ideas, to pictures, to a thousand possibilities.  The world itself came to being with a single word.

As I spent quiet time just earlier, it dawned on me how poetic to me were some of my favourite books in the Old Testament. There was a majesty to it, an intricacy contained in those verses that only men of skill can weave. And then I realised that these anointed men, these messianic prophets, wrote like that because they were given the vision of the Saviour to come. They had no way of tasting that goodness, that pure joy; so they, in their Spirit-inspired moments, could only write them out, in psalms and verse, so enamoured of the One that they had no way of knowing their very words would last forever.

“My heart is overflowing with a good theme;
I recite my composition concerning the King;
My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. “

Psalms 45:1

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