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Knock Knock

This photo looks like something out of Murakami’s books. Weird surrealist fiction, painfully ordinary male protagonists, strange alluring women, with words that leap straight out of imagination.

It’s been a whirl of a few days. But nothing beats hearing zoe-infused sharing from two wonderful leaders. Better than mindblowing buffet dinners, maple-syrupy waffles with ice cream, fresh oysters that taste of a vast briny ocean that shimmers at noon, or desserts served in shot glasses.

Only You can bring true transformation. Here’s to taking a stand and bidding farewell to foolishnness, to standing firm on my righteousness and speaking truth, to wishing love to travel across analogue phone lines and digital frequencies, to playing guitar and singing to an audience of One.

Here’s to life, and to the Love that is sweeter than life itself.


Still Awake

‘Cos nothing else really matters.

The words have been eluding me, and my fingertips write silence, like giant word balloons with nothing in them. How do you write a smile, a laugh, or a sound of a voice? How do you write lovers speaking in quiet voices underneath a star-filled sky? It’s not a bad thing to be silent; maybe I’m just selfish and I want to keep all these things to myself, to be unafraid, triumphant, and free.

Secret words with secret smiles, to know that we have all these things that belong only to us.

To Be Marked


I’m listening to Sound Fragment’s 陌生城市的早晨 and it’s perfect. It’s the kind of thing you plug into when you’re driving through a strange, endless road with the dawn breaking over the horizon. In half an hour or so, it’s going to be like that. At first it’s a faint indigo lightening by the minute, with fading starlight; then it all blooms into a warm amber, like dark honey, peppered with clouds drifting lazily through the sky; it’s a wonder to watch and a trick on the eye, because you know the sunrise is happening but you can’t quite tell; before you know it it’s morning — daylight — and everything’s begun.

I’m going to my first camp in the last two years, the first hotel camp in three, and my first with GenRev. It’s been a long and hectic road, waiting for the days and weeks and months to pass to this one. I’ve never been busier than this in my entire life, which only makes the next five days all the sweeter.

48 hours: scripting, storyboarding, shooting and editing the Marked’09 opening video. 10 hours: setting up the Games Day logistics for Rock Kidz. 2 hours: tearing down the Games Day logistics and prepping for next Sunday’s Sports Day. Many more hours: meetings upon meetings.

I’ve wondered whether I’m overstretching myself with so much ministry work. Maybe I’ll find out during Marked Camp. Maybe it’ll be a precursor for more ministry stuff coming my way. In any case, one thing is for sure: Jesus is in the midst of it. And He is the only thing my eyes are fixed on.