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My Sundown

sunday sunset over Bedok



“All the love has already returned /
And all of the hate has already left /
I’m standing at the dim-lit stop /
waiting for the last bus

The night wind stirs and sways /
everything in this life /
shuttling through my dreams /
chasing it desperately”

HEDGEHOG/刺猬 – The Last Bus/最后一班车

The Invisible Fish’s Fallen is playing now, with distant claps of thunder, slate-blue hues colouring the walls, staccato reverb in the first few seconds, crystal acoustic guitar and Ssoro’s plaintive voice in a language I can’t understand; echoes of 最后一班车 and the pictures in puts in my head, the dimunitive girl with raven-coloured bangs in maryjanes and buttoned-up dress and weathered suitcase fraying at the edges, a chill night breeze blowing through the empty streets, pale fluoroscence and tungstens and a brief flicker of light somewhere in the blurred-out distance; the ease of which I have His joy, smiling at how easy it is to fall in love all over again, and realising that there is really so much I have to be thankful for.

Thank You for favour to shoot Pastor B and his family when I relinquished every chance to shoot for the other features. You always had my portion set aside just for me — and I’m amazed, grateful and blessed.

2009 is gonna blow minds. Wait for it.



Listening to Bluedawn’s 보옴이 오면 album — which plays out with heavy piano melodies, electronic beats, a dash of drums — along with the female vocalist’s gossamer-streaked tones, reminds me of Sigur Ros; it’s a bad analogy, really, going by how I’m only listening to the tracks for the first time and haven’t got a sense of what the band’s really about. But I listen to a couple more and I see dark smoky lounges, blue-hued with lights and shadows slashed across the singer’s face. Full lips in tarnished red, shoulders swaying and moving, tearing music from some secret place within.

It’s been three months.

No more words tonight. The last two days have been a bit of a rollercoaster, something that’s better left kept for the both of us. There’s no use pretending we’re perfect or that everything’s peachy-keen every moment of every day. It’s plastic, it’s not real; like it or not, we will fail. We will disappoint. We will eventually show ourselves to be utterly human. The real question is how we choose to respond. Flesh or spirit? It’s your call.

What we do is we let go. We let Him take over. And like today, He shows up, full of grace, letting me see that He is real.

The three-fold cord is not easily broken.

Just Drive

Red House Painters’ Ocean Beach. Monday mornings. Heavy rains and fat droplets shattering across rooftops and gravel pavements. Lifting the window shades to cast brief glances at the grey skies. Dreaming of the Pacific Coast Highway, the unmistakeable crash of waves on the shore, single lane roads lit only by the headlamps of a car shuttling through the long night; quiet diners, chirpy waitresses, greasy food; nights alone in the hotel, praying.

I miss the cold.

Don’t You See?

Punisher: War Zone failed to live up to expectations, while Garth Ennis has left the series. It has not been good.

These movie-making execs have to come to realise that Frank is not a manic gun-toting action hero in the vein of Neo or Chow Yun Fatt; think Jason Bourne’s physical economy but with experience honed in the horrors of Valley Forge and the vicious jungles of Vietnam.

It’d probably take a miracle to ever see Frank on the silver screen again. We need  a rabid fan like Zack Snyder who can give the film adaptation the reverential treatment it deserves, or Christopher Nolan who can portray Frank’s twisted morality and personal darkness with the necessary gravitas. Sadly, both are probably tied up by DC/Vertigo.

David Fincher, please?

“The thought of Dino Gnucci living one more minute is enough to drive me insane. Don’t you see?”

The dialogue’s already written itself.



Well this is what we do to fill up the lulls at work. Or get distracted by. Heh. I’ve been having fun with the handwriting function in the new MSN Messenger!

Yes, Roy actually does look like that.

惘闻: Post-Rock From Another Universe

sevenobjects7 Objects In Another Infinite Space

This is striking gold. Like laying eyes on fresh manna for the first time in the day. The moment when you’re arrested by something (or someone) so perfect and beautiful that you have the wind knocked out of you and it takes everything in you just to keep a calm smile on your face.

Well, I might just be exaggerating. A little. But 惘闻 ‘s post-rock magic from northeastern China comes pretty close. Especially after the 4568th replaying of all of Explosion In The Sky’s albums.

I’m savouring this beauty on anniversary of the most important Friday in the history of human existence, laying back in bed with the sun on my skin, eyes closed, whisked off into a different universe.

Your Unknown Territory


I had a blast at Esther’s 21st celebration (our disparity of our ages becomes painfully clear to me) — the food was great (tho it was mostly gone by the time I was done with my initial round of shooting), surrounded by friends I never tire of seeing (though suitably disappointed by the absence certain someone who could not make it) — but you know what really makes my evening?

Shots that I’m rather happy with. Photos of people and things that I have taken with my own hands and not wishing in hindsight that I could have done something to improve in some way or manner.

The transition from film to digital hasn’t been an easy one. What was a fairly straightforward, beautifully-constructed compact machine with purely essential functionalities has evolved so quickly and aggressively that the 5DMKII in my hands presents me a hundred, if not more, different possibilities that would not have been available to me with the FE2.

Right now I’m just pleased as punch with the variety of exposures and metering I have available to myself.. so much so that even a lack of knowledge with regard to the technicalities of photography is easily made up for by the camera.

Here’re some favourites from the night:

tables moved together to accommodate everyone

observing Mabel’s dinner in soft candlelight

mosaic tile flooring in persimmon

candid shots are the best!

reverently approaching the birthday cake with lit faces

honest expressions get me.

and so do natural smiles/and laughter

even posing can be pretty/nifty

they quickly adjust hair upon spying prowling photographers

don’t know why, but I just love this shot / maybe it’s the moment

the kookiest couple ever

this is actually normal for them

Chris lent me his 50mm/1.8; smooth creamy bokeh with intense portraiture

HY schemes to kill you!

Taken by Darrell @ f/1.8:  supersmall DOF

I probably took this at f/2.8 or something; I think it looks pretty cool

the clincher of the 50mm/1.8’s awesomeness: making me look good.