Jump Into Puddles And Let The Sun Glow

glosoliSigur Rós – Glósóli

I always kind of resisted listening to Sigur Rós after hearing more of their hype than their actual music. As if listening to their record would been buying into the hipster nonsense and turning me into some sort of sell-out. But I’m glad I have, finally running the album Takk that has been lying in my hard drive for years (yes, years) through iTunes and being suitably blown away.

I think their appeal, for me, is the distinct child-like quality pervading through their music. The keyboards add to that, even contributing to that sense of epic grandeur in the rousing crescendoes of certain tracks. It is lovely to listen to, alone, during the festive season.

Writing now is a brief respite from the unexpected ardour of personalising my Christmas (belated, of course) cards for the year. I was kind of surprised at the time I took to complete even a single one, and really, I am beginning to get  a little worried at how I might not be able to finish all of the cards in time for the gathering on New Year’s Eve!

But it’s immensely satisfying to write all of them, and not a task at all. I’ve given up trying to impress people with depth or aesthetics and instead have incorporated all manner of random nonsense into it, Frankensteining artwork from the internet into the cards in a blatant attempt to disguise my shameless plagiarism.

I arrived at church earlier today to grab tickets and sat myself down at Subway to continue writing the cards. But before I could begin, Coach M bumped into me and asked me to join her for lunch – which was really an answered prayer because I haven’t talked to her for the longest time and have been meaning to catch up with her!

I just love this woman whom God has placed so divinely and opportunely in my life. I probably would have left the ministry and even the church if not for her, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for this woman of God. I would do it with no questions asked. So it was a blessing to be able to sit with her and talk.

And Lord you knew how much I needed it! She confirmed, perhaps not even knowing so, so many things that I was deliberating over within, putting a clarity to my situation that I know could only come from You. I went into the fourth service doing a little ditty in my head, feeling so blessed even before receiving the word for 2009.

And this is how You love me. Catching me by surprise, with moments of delight and pure joy, knowing that I am rich for Your love, and that I can love because You love me.

“Don’t give your heart away so easily. God closes one door because He’s got a better one open for you. Because He has His best choice for you.”

And with the word from today still fresh in my heart, I will say, ‘Amen’.

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