Nikon FE2 vs Vivitar UWS

Traipsed to Haji Lane last Thursday to shoot photos using the Nikon and Vivitar. Pity it was cloudy and slightly drizzling that day, and the sun only came out when I finished off my rolls of film.

Nikon FE2 vs Vivitar UWS

Thanks to Nic for wowing me with his own Vivitar photos that I had to go out and get one for myself. For $40 a pop, it’s a pretty awesome deal. Some word of warning though: the 22mm wide lens is seriously wide, so don’t have your fingers nipping over the front face of the camera. Watch where you put the wrist strap attached to the camera as well! You see how my fingers and the strap get in the way and ruin some great shots.

Assorted Photos

These are some I took at the Botanic Gardens (where the CG had our midautumn celebrations), Darrell’s birthday surprise and some experimental night photography taken from the Shaw Tower carpark where I’d parked, having Arrow service earlier.

I’m really beginning to fall in love with the Vivitar.

  1. Is the Vivitar good? I’m looking to buy a camera. Saw the Canon powershot, $358 nett. Never heard of this Vivitar brand before.

  2. Hey Camy,

    The Vivitar I’m using is a film camera. Not one of the big brands and the digital versions are not as popular as the big companies.

    Which Powershot model are you thinking of getting? It really depends on what kind of shots or what type of photographer you are. Are you particular about how the shot looks, or the kind of effect you want to achieve?

  3. I’ve got homework on photography and the recommended place is botanical garden. Darn i wanna steal your shots. hahaha

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