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You’re All I Need

If you haven’t watched this yet, follow the link, take ten minutes for the video to load and watch it. Wait for the climax of the skit. (If you’re at work, make sure you can listen to the music!)

* * * *

I am sitting here at 3.30am in the morning watching this skit for second and third time, and for each time I find tears coming unbidden to my eyes.

Upon repeat watching I see the details of the skit opening up to me as I search for meaning in each action, seeking to perceive something I might have missed earlier.

I see you delighting in me, your finest and most precious Creation. You crafted me from the dust of the earth, sculpted into human semblance from mineral, mud and clay. Your eyes glint and sparkle with the love luxurious from your heart as you marvel at the beauty of your handicraft; indeed you made me a masterpiece of the Potter’s hands. You then prepare your finishing touch: the breath of life that sets you apart as the one true God, the divine wind that makes me like no other, unique and priceless. As there is no one else like You, there is no one else like me.

You never made me to be a nameless person in a sea of faces. You made me an individual; Youou call me by name. And you know me in a way no one ever will.

We danced in the garden of eternity, wrapped in your gentle touch as you opened to my sight the wonders you created for my sake. All the beauty of creation laid bare before me, all for me, that there may be constant reminder of your unfailing love revel forever in your presence. You went before me, preparing my way to bring a smile to my face. You alone wrought the heavens and the earth, the Master of all things magnificent, but only I, only I, caught your eye.

And yet, I still ran from you. I fled your embrace, hurtling unwittingly into darkness.

It was as if I knew you not at all. Even when surrounded by such beauty and majesty, I stole away from our secret garden, seduced by the lures of the world. I flung myself into its tempest and turmoil, knowing no better; I was a rose stolen before its bloom. The world, capricious creature, led me from one depravity to another; it whispered lies most vile and vicious, telling me that there was no beauty in me, ripping away and rending me of any dignity I had left. I chased after disappearing smoke, broken mirrors and subtle knives.

Would you tell me how it could get any better than this? Perhaps, I thought, that the only way left to go was up.

So there I was, only a shell of the child you had intended me to be. Shattered in every conceivable place, in a thousand pieces, wondering if I ever knew you. Lost in a tide of sorrows beyond number, desperate for even a single shred of the life I thought I once had. Was that life even real, I wondered. Would you answer me if I called your name?

It was only a whisper, so soft that no one could have ever heard it even if they were beside me. So slight, so quiet, accompanied by a tremble of fear at another possible disappointment.


And then you were there. Quicker than light. And I realised that you never left me. You never let me go and were always drawing me to you. You never stopped trying, and all because you loved me. A love of such ferocity and passion that I will spend all eternity to even to grasp a glimpse of its extent.

I don’t think I ever realised the magnitude of it, but when you came down, fully Man, you went through everything that I have and ever will experience. I saw you struggling, but you never gave up. Not for your own sake, but for Mine. So you felt every bruise. Every pain. Every lance through my soul. Every single heartbreak and every tear that cut my cheek in sadness. You tasted every single one of my disappointments, each bitter drop of it; you took on the anguish of lonely nights of despair and the utterly draining frustrations of my inability.

You bore them all for me. Every. Single. One. For love’s sake you took every chain and bondage and broke them with the strength I could never have, that I may be loosed from them forevermore. So that I could walk in freedom. No longer made a captive to the world, but set free and loosed to run and dash about with glee in the kingdom you had prepared for me.

Words will always fail to describe what I feel when I start to wrap my mind around that. Will I ever come to understand the fullness of such sacrifice? I suspect that I never shall, but let me still discover in earnest its secret depths. It all just comes down to this, Lord: You’re all I need.

You calm the storms, and you give me rest
You hold me in your hands, you won’t let me fall
You steal my heart, and you take my breath away


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Shining Lights 2007

Even More Faces

Day 2 & 3 of class have yielded this… trove of photos.



My Many Faces

Having a Mac isn’t really so bad.

Because we can do this.

I didn’t want to put photos like those in my Flickr account, so I just uploaded them on Multiply.


Warning: not for the faint of heart. 

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